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Seasonal Menu

We welcome you to enjoy delicacies from the Finnish forests during October and November

Pöllöwaari’s 25th celebratory year ends with the theme”Forest” in our seasonal menu. The menu highlights the late fall ingredients- preserved root vegetables, mushrooms and elk from Kainuu, located in Eastern Finland, just below Lappland.


We’ve chosen Spanish wines from the Terra Alta region of Catalonia which is the neighboring region of Priorat. The wines of Celler Piñol complete the flavours and nuances of the dishes.

The family Piñol has produced wines in Terra Alta for four generations and the head of all operations nowadays is Juanjo Piñol. The corner stone of the vineyard is Garnatxa-grapes both in white and red varieties. The estate also cultivates an interesting Morenillo variety that has similarities to Pinot Noir.

The starter based on beetroot is accompanied with Celler Piñol’s Portal- a fresh white wine made mainly of Garnatxa Blanca. This wine has intense fruit flavours, a honey-like bouquet and hints of herb nuances.

With luscious wild boar rillette, we fill the glasses with the L’avi Arrufi white wine which has been made of grapes that have been picked from over 80 year old vines. The aroma palate of this oak matured wine ranges from fresh mineral and creamy bouquet to white flowers and spices.

Elk and mushrooms and the Morenillo grape make a harmonious alliance that enhances the refine, elegant and lush smokiness of the variety. This extremely rare grape is filled with ripe red berries, especially raspberries, crushed flowers and mineral spiciness.

The undisputed match with wild raspberries and chocolate is the fortified Garnatxa Tinto, a dessert wine made from ancient vines. This oak matured wine has a symphony of scents bursting with forest berries, coffee, liquorice, spices and caramel.


Menu 65 €

Wines for the Menu 40 €

Non- alcoholic drindks for the Menu 24 €


spruce shoot, rosemary
Nuestra Senora Portal Blanco 2012
DO Terra Alta, Catalonia, Celler Piñol, Spain 12 cl

juniper, balsamic vinegar
L ́Avi Arrufi Blanco 2009
DO Terra Alta, Catalonia, Celler Piñol, Spain 8 cl

red cabbage, rowanberry, port wine
Finca Morenillo 2010
DO Terra Alta, Catalonia, Celler Piñol, Spain 16 cl

nut, praline
Josefina Piñol Tinto 2010
DO Terra Alta, Catalonia, Celler Piñol, Spain 4cl