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Journey of the season

The year 2014 brings with it new theme menus- Journey of the season, Tour of the land and Journey of the senses. The Journey is heavily based on seasonal ingredients, changing seven times a year and the length of it varies from three to five courses.

The first Journey is called”Lakes of Ice” honoring Finnish fish and winter’s best ingredients. Our sommeliers have chosen magnificent wines from cooler climates to accompany the mid-winter flavors.

The menu begins with the undisputed treat of the season- blini combined with whitefish and vendace roes. Generous and crunchy blini with salty roe is further perfected with a biodynamic sparkling wine from the region of Jura, Southwest of France. This Crémant is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and has luscious buttery tones and is full of roasted brioche and honey flavors.

The second course is a lamb tartar paired with caramelized sweetbread. The course is freshened with pickled vegetables and enhanced with garlic aioli. For this dish, we fill the glasses with a characteristic Pinot Noir from the Savoie region of France, near the border of Switzerland, full of red berry nuances.

The icy lakes of Finland provide us with pike-perch for the main course. The fish is pan roasted and accompanied with burbot terrine and winter apple. The dish also gets more complex flavors from pumpkin puree and veloute sauce seasoned with allspice. The wine for this dish brings interest to our wine menu- a Slovenian white wine from Goriška Brda- vineyard. The producer has multitude of innovation and ambition and is a fine example of the rise of Eastern European wine production.

The zesty citrus fruits in the dessert are in the form of a bavaroise, softened with quark foam. A delicious and even surprising ingredient in the dish is liquorice, served as a cream and meringue. The wine for the dessert is a Austrian Beerenauslese made of Sauvignon Blanc giving the ideal finish for our seasonal journey- intensely sweet and decadent yet refreshing.   

MENU 68€

butter, sour cream

vegetables, garlic

apple, butternut, allspice

licorice, meringue