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Journey of the Season- Lakeshores and Marshlands 25.8 - 11.10.2014

As the time of the year turns to fall, the late summer harvest brings an abundance of ingredients to our new Journey of the Season ”Lakeshores and Marshlands”.

Key ingredients in the menu are crayfish, wild duck and cloudberry- the golden jewel of the marsh lands. The overall palate of the menu is enhanced with early fall root vegetables- Jerusalem artichoke and salsify and autumn apple and lingonberry.

One of Europe’s longest rivers, the Rhein, flowing in the southwest of Germany, provides a number of quality wine regions. From these regions, we’ve chosen interesting wines worthy of the flavors in the dishes.

Steaming hot and velvety smooth crayfish soup, accompanied with crayfish salad and cucumber starts off the menu. Our choice of wine is a fascinating three variety blend from Rheingau. Schloss Rheinhartshausen “Von der Insel” 2012 is a combination of Riesling, Weissburgunder and Chardonnay creating a diverse fresh fruitiness to the palate of the wine.

The second course combines deep fried Jerusalem artichoke and grilled salsify. Autumn apple with balsamic vinegar add freshness to the flavors. Rheinhessen, one of Germany’s largest wine regions, is the home of Herrgottspfad Riesling 2007. This beautifully matured wine from Becker Landgraf has softer acidity structure and refined aromas.

The main course is raspberry glazed wild duck. Wild mushrooms and red cabbage are added to give the dish a final finish. Roter Rock Cuvée 2011 from Weingut Schumacher, Pfalz, is a blend of Spätburgunder, Dornfelder, Blauer Portugieser and Merlot. This versatile and delightfully fruity wine with a hint of spiciness is just perfect with the gamy flavors of the wild duck.

As the dessert, local cloudberries with a soft yoghurt mousse and tangy lingonberry sorbet are given an excellent contrast in the form of Huxelrebe Auslese 2013. Bioweingut Lorenz from Rheinhessen is an organic producer and their Auslese is on the nose with the dessert with its decadent sweetness, fresh fruitiness and honey flavors.