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Enjoy wine in our Wine bar!

The stylish and newly renovated Wine bar is the latest addition to Hotel Yöpuu’s restaurant services. The Wine bar is designed keeping in mind the feel of the building and it offers high quality wines to those who want to enjoy top-of-the-line service, a unique atmosphere and the best wine selection in the city.

Our wines have a story

Hotel Yöpuu’s Wine bar invites you to enjoy top quality, seasonal wines that have been carefully selected by our sommeliers, Ulla Häkkinen and Sami Tiitto. Each wine has an interesting story behind it and represents the best choice in each price range. Our wine list has been chosen three times as “The best of the city” and it consists of classic and modern European wines. We also include the most interesting New World wines for our quests to enjoy. Most of our wines are organically produced and made according to sustainable methods.

The theme and selection of wines changes five to six times a year. The amount of wines by the glass is not the main purpose, the idea is to offer interesting wines by the glass throughout the year. In addition, our sommeliers search monthly for some special treats for wine lovers and they always have a few surprises that are not mentioned on the menu.

You can purchase very small amounts of wine so it is possible to enjoy many different types of wine. If there is enough of interested parties, the sommelier might open for example a high end Pinot Noir or a rare vintage Champagne. With your wine, you also have an opportunity to have some easy-to-enjoy snacks that have been selected by our restaurant’s head chef, Jukka Kyllönen.

Have a tasting adventure

The Wine bar offers you a possibility to have a wine tasting with an IPad. The tasting is made easy and simple, just slide the screen forward! The tasting begins from tasting technique and continues to characteristics of wine. The price of the tasting is 20 € per person and it includes three 8 centiliters glasses of different wines. You can choose either tasting of one grape or a seasonal themed tasting. If ordered in advance, you can combine our Riedel-tasting or get carried away by Champagne.

Experience something new and unforgettable

The Wine bar is a classy way to start your evening, stop by before theater or dinner. Our drink selection also contains seasonal mixed drinks and beers from small breweries. For the friend of the noble drinks, we offer you a fascinating choice of cognacs, calvados and whiskies. Our freshly ground coffee and brewed tea will accompany perfectly our pastry chef’s delicacies and hand-made chocolates.

You’re very welcome to enjoy!
Opening hours from Monday to Saturday 11 am to 11 pm