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Wine List

In line with the menu and the season, we choose wines that have a story of their own to tell. Our wine selection is composed of classic and new wave European wines. From the New World wines we want to offer the most interesting wines to taste. The Majority of our Wines are made organically and with terms of sustainable development.

A good wine deserves the best glass possible to bring out the finest qualities of the wine. That is why we serve our wines from Riedel wine glasses.

To make your choise of wine easier, the wines on our wine list have been placed in a general order of taste, from milder and more delicate in style to those that are stronger tasting and fuller in body. This means wines with similar taste are grouped together. We are happy to help you to find the right kind of wines to your meal.


We wish you enjoyable moments with our wines!


Sommelièrs Sami Tiitto & Aleksi Mehtonen